Biden Ignores Iran’s Terror Ties, Won’t Refreeze $6B – US & Allies at Risk?

The Biden administration made it clear that they have no interest in re-freezing the $6 billion released to Iran, even after acknowledging Iran’s role in supporting Hamas terrorism. Fox News Channel’s Jacqui Heinrich asked a crucial question during the White House press briefing, pointing out all the ways Iran has aided and facilitated Hamas’ brutal attack on Israel. But instead of providing a direct answer, Biden’s National Security Advisor evaded the question, claiming that not a single dollar of the released funds has been spent yet. This evasiveness is typical of the Biden administration’s lack of commitment to holding Iran accountable for their actions.

Heinrich persisted, seeking a clear response on whether the Biden administration would consider re-freezing the funds in light of Iran’s complicity in terrorism. However, the National Security Advisor once again dodged the question, choosing not to address the issue at hand. This refusal to take action or even acknowledge the possibility of re-freezing the funds demonstrates the Biden administration’s lack of concern for the consequences of their decisions.

The Biden administration’s stance is baffling considering the horrific scenes unfolding in Israel, including the beheading of babies in Kibbutz Kfar Aza. With such undeniable evidence of Iran’s involvement in terrorism, one would expect the U.S. government to take immediate action to prevent them from benefiting from the released funds. However, the National Security Advisor’s refusal to entertain the idea of re-freezing the funds speaks volumes about the administration’s priorities.

Furthermore, when asked if the Biden administration regrets negotiating with Iran for the prisoner swap and releasing the funds, the National Security Advisor deflected the question. Instead of providing a straightforward answer, he highlighted the importance of bringing American citizens home. While this is a valid point, it fails to address the fact that negotiating with a murderous regime and restoring their access to billions of dollars is a dangerous move. The Biden administration seems more focused on public relations and avoiding accountability than on making responsible decisions for the safety and security of the United States and its allies.

President Biden’s recent remarks on Israel also failed to address Iran’s support for terrorist groups and their efforts to harm Israeli civilians. Despite claiming support for Israel’s right to self-defense, the president conveniently left out any mention of Iran’s role in funding and arming Hamas. This omission is deeply concerning and suggests a lack of willingness to confront the reality of Iran’s destructive actions.

Overall, it is clear that the Biden administration is more interested in maintaining the status quo and avoiding any responsibility than in taking decisive action against Iran. Their refusal to re-freeze the funds or even acknowledge Iran’s complicity in terrorism raises serious doubts about their commitment to the safety and security of both America and our allies. It is crucial for conservative voices to hold the administration accountable and demand stronger action against Iran and its terrorist activities.

Written by Staff Reports

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