Biden Jumps to Fund Baltimore Bridge Fix, Critics Remind of Past Delays

President Joe Biden will be making a stop in Baltimore this Friday, just days after a tragic bridge collapse left six people dead and caused major disruptions to commerce. The collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge, a vital artery for transportation in the area, has prompted swift action from the Biden administration, with the president calling for the federal government to foot the bill for the entire cost of the bridge repair.

The collapse, caused by a 200 million-pound shipping barge striking the bridge, has shocked the nation and left local authorities scrambling to respond. In response to the crisis, President Biden announced his upcoming visit to Baltimore, where he will meet with state and local officials to assess the federal response efforts on the ground.

Efforts to clear the debris and reopen Baltimore’s shipping port are already underway, with a 200-foot-long crane deployed to the site for the crucial work. The first piece of wreckage has been successfully removed, and the government has approved aid for small businesses in the area that will be impacted by the rerouting of traffic.

Acting Labor Secretary Julie Su has also been on the ground in Baltimore to address the situation and ensure that necessary support is provided to those affected. The president’s press secretary, Karine Jean-Pierre, emphasized the administration’s commitment to stand with the people of Baltimore throughout the recovery process, echoing President Biden’s pledge to be there “every step of the way.”

While the president’s visit has been met with anticipation in Baltimore, critics have pointed to his delayed response to other disaster sites, such as last year’s toxic train derailment in East Palestine, Ohio. However, the administration is focused on the immediate needs of the Baltimore community, with Maryland receiving an initial emergency relief allocation of $60 million to address the aftermath of the bridge collapse.

As President Biden prepares for his visit to Baltimore, the nation awaits further details on the administration’s plans for supplemental funding and long-term recovery efforts to support the city and its residents during this challenging time.

Written by Staff Reports

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