Biden Obsesses Over Abortion Anniversary Ignoring LA Anti-Semitic Violence

Monday marked two years since the U.S. Supreme Court’s monumental decision to overturn Roe v. Wade with the Dobbs v. Jackson ruling. But instead of meaningful reflection, Democrats have spent the lead-up to the anniversary spewing their pro-abortion rhetoric. President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have been particularly vocal, seemingly ignoring other pressing issues both domestically and internationally.

First thing Monday morning, President Biden’s official and political social media accounts were filled with repeated posts about abortion. This happened even as Americans anxiously awaited any statement on the alarming anti-Semitic violence that took place in Los Angeles on Sunday. Biden finally managed to comment on the incident late in the morning, but not before bombarding the electorate with stale abortion talking points.

Highlighting this misplaced focus, Biden’s social media team managed to crank out a whopping 15 posts about abortion on Monday alone. Meanwhile, he casually overlooked the violence in L.A., which drew well-deserved criticism. Many of Biden’s posts propagated fear and misinformation, including wild claims that women are being turned away from miscarriage care because of the Dobbs decision—a narrative he conveniently links to former President Donald Trump.

In perhaps the most ludicrous display, Biden’s account made it seem as if Trump unilaterally overturned Roe v. Wade, branding the former president as “the one person responsible.” This not only disregards the judicial independence of the Supreme Court but also sidesteps the fact that the Dobbs case came up through the Mississippi court system. It’s almost as if Biden’s team believes their followers aren’t aware of how laws and judicial decisions actually work.

Despite the incessant fearmongering, Biden’s team insists that Republicans want to ban abortion nationwide and even restrict access to contraception. Apparently, they haven’t heard Trump’s consistent stance that the abortion debate should be resolved by individual states. The Democrats’ proposed Women’s Health Protection Act is misrepresented as merely seeking to “Restore Roe,” when in fact, it would drastically expand abortion access far beyond the original Roe framework, allowing for abortion up until birth without restrictions.

Not to be outdone, Kamala Harris also joined the scaremongering brigade. Her posts painted a dystopian future where Trump’s re-election would lead to more abortion bans, greater suffering, and less freedom. It’s clear that Democrats are desperate to keep the abortion issue alive, even if it means fabricating threats and twisting facts to fit their narrative.

The Democratic Party’s obsession with abortion was evident not just on their social media but also in well-coordinated state-level activities. Key swing states like Nevada and Arizona saw Democrats hosting press calls to flog the so-called threat MAGA extremists pose to reproductive freedom. It’s almost as if the Democrats believe that constant repetition will cement dubious claims as truth.

Polling shows Biden holds an edge over Trump on the abortion issue, especially with young voters. However, these same polls indicate that when it comes to the ballot box, voters are more concerned with tangible issues like the economy, inflation, and immigration. Sounds like the Democrats might want to take note before their non-stop abortion drumbeat drowns out the concerns that actually matter to the American people.

Written by Staff Reports

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