CNN Debate Moderators Show Clear Bias Against Trump Say Critics

In a recent CNN article, it was reported that the network’s co-hosts for the Thursday night presidential debate, Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, have shown clear bias against former President Donald Trump in their previous remarks. This bias is concerning as they may use their positions to unfairly target Trump during the debate against President Joe Biden.

Critics have pointed out that the debate already seems to be tilted in Biden’s favor, with low expectations for him and rules that benefit him. Additionally, CNN analysts have hinted that they will fact-check Trump post-debate, creating a potentially hostile environment for the former president.

Tapper, known for his sharp criticism of Trump, has a history of negative remarks towards the former president. Despite his success in moderating past debates, Tapper’s bias has been evident in his commentary on Trump, with multiple instances of harsh attacks on the former president. 


Similarly, Bash has also been critical of Trump, making various accusations against him ranging from racism to supposed threats towards Vice President Mike Pence. Her history of attacking Trump raises concerns about her ability to co-host a fair and unbiased debate.

CNN has defended Tapper and Bash, citing their extensive experience in political journalism. However, their past actions and statements suggest a clear bias that could impact the fairness of the upcoming debate. Conservative viewers may have reason to be skeptical of the objectivity of the CNN co-hosts in this high-stakes political event.

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