Biden Proves He Has NO Respect For The Separation Of Powers

In response to the rising cost of living and the labor shortages in the government, President Joe Biden gave federal employees a raise. He did this with the approval of Congress.

Due to the economy's imminent collapse and rising inflation, Biden decided to give all federal workers a raise, which was not authorized by Congress.

As the economy worsens and labor shortages continue to affect the government, the president decided to give a raise to federal workers.

Federal employees will receive a raise of 4.2% on January 1. The average locality-based raise will be 0.5%, which means that 2.1 million workers will receive an average of 4.6%. Biden cited issues related to retention and recruitment in his letter to House Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris.


According to federal law, presidents are allowed to raise their salaries by September 1 each year. However, they must first consider the various economic measures that are required to address the country's problems.

To comply with the law, a president is required to submit his or her plan for a raise to Congress by September 1. Aside from considering the wage hike, the commander-in-chief also has to consider other economic measures such as inflation and economic output.

This move has many people wondering about the president's Constitutional limitations. It also brings to mind a previous Constitutional crisis Biden created.

The Supreme Court's decision to delay Biden's plan to forgive student loans has been reported by the Texas Tribune. The case will be argued early next year.

Although the program would have greatly benefited millions of borrowers, the Supreme Court's delay has been a setback.

A federal judge in Texas ruled that Biden's plan to forgive student loans was unlawful. He said that the public was not allowed to comment before the program was unveiled.

Through an executive order, Biden was able to implement his plan to forgive student loans without going through Congress.

Watch this clip from when the decision was made.

A separation of powers exists in the government. Each branch has its own specific powers, and when another branch goes beyond these, it's up to the other branches to rein it in. Unfortunately, over the years, various groups have been trying to establish a single super-branch that can be used to control the government.

Due to the actions of the president, many people have started to believe that the government is overreaching its powers. Some of these include the executive orders issued by the White House and the FBI's raid on Trump. However, even these are only the tip of the iceberg. Biden is still using the powers granted to another branch of the government.

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