Hunter’s Baby Mama Changes Daughter’s Last Name To Biden

The woman who gave birth to Hunter Biden's child has requested to change the girl's last name to Biden.

The request was made by Roberts' attorney in the 16th Judicial Circuit Court in Arkansas.

In March 2020, the case was settled. In September, Biden filed a motion to modify his child support payments. He cited various financial issues as the reason for the change.

Clinton Lancaster, the child's attorney, stated in court documents that the girl would benefit from the Biden family name. He also noted that the former vice president's name is associated with being politically powerful and having a high level of education.

"According to the court documents, the Biden family is estranged from the child. To help resolve this issue, the girl's last name should be changed to Biden. This will allow her to be known as the child of the prominent Biden family."

Roberts, who is from Arkansas, studied at Arkansas State University. According to Lancaster, she worked for Biden while she was living in Washington, DC.

The child, who is referred to as Baby Doe, was born in August 2018, and a paternity suit was filed in May 2019. It occurred just days after Hunter Biden married South African filmmaker, Melissa Cohen.

In January 2020, a DNA test confirmed that Biden is the child's father. Judge Holly Meyer of the 16th Judicial District Court in Arkansas signed an order granting temporary child support.

In March, 2020, Biden and Roberts agreed to settle the paternity and child-support suits.

In his 2021 book, Biden revealed that he did not want to support Roberts' paternity suit due to his lack of recollection of the incident. He also talked about his struggles with drug and alcohol abuse. His brother died in 2015, and two years later, he got divorced.

In response to Hunter Biden's motion to have the protective order denied, one of his lawyers stated that he had been trying to avoid discovery for a long time. This was the first time that the court had denied his request for a protective order.

In addition to Biden's residences, Roberts also requested the former vice president's vehicles from the last five years. She was seeking proof of his lavish lifestyle.

In addition, Roberts asked for details about an investigation regarding Hunter Biden's tax affairs.

This information could be used to determine if he failed to disclose all of his income as it relates to his earning capability and credibility.

Among the requests made by Roberts were details about the financial benefits that Biden and his family members received due to his position as the US's vice president.

Hunter Biden tried to have a protective order granted, but it was mistakenly sealed. Another attempt was also prohibited by an administrative order from the Arkansas Supreme Court. This regulation clearly states that electronic documents should not contain links to external websites or papers.

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