Biden Rattles, Snubs Age Criticism and Backs Away from Democratic Passing Torch!

President Biden had a heated exchange with a reporter who dared to question his age and mental capabilities. After addressing the nation about the special counsel report, Biden faced questions from the press, and one reporter had the audacity to bring up concerns about his age. The reporter noted that many Americans have expressed worries about Biden’s age and mental acuity, which is backed up by polling. But Biden, clearly annoyed, shot back and said that it was just her judgment and not the judgment of the press. 

It’s no secret that concerns about Biden’s age and mental health have been swirling. A recent Harvard-Harris poll found that a whopping 63 percent of registered voters have doubts about his fitness for office. And let’s not forget that nearly 70 percent believe he’s just too old for the presidency. These numbers are hard to ignore, but apparently, Biden thinks he’s the only one qualified for the job. In December, he even had the nerve to tell a reporter that there are other Democrats who could defeat Donald Trump. 

But it’s not just the American people who have concerns. An NBC News report found that three-quarters of voters, including half of Democrats, have worries about Biden’s mental and physical health. It seems like the optics are not in Biden’s favor, no matter how much he protests. Maybe it’s time for him to consider stepping aside and letting another Democrat take the reins. After all, it’s clear that his age and mental abilities are major sticking points for the American people. 

Written by Staff Reports

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