Biden Dodges Charges: Age Excuse Flies in DC Drama

In a stunning turn of events, special counsel Robert Hur’s report has decided not to charge President Joe Biden over possession of classified material. Former deputy independent counsel Sol Wisenberg wasted no time calling out the report as “crafty” and questioning the motives behind this decision. Wisenberg believes that Hur is employing clever tactics to avoid holding Biden accountable for his actions.

The report acknowledges that Biden deliberately kept classified documents, but it conveniently concludes that he should not be charged because of his poor memory. Wisenberg finds this reasoning to be highly suspicious. He argues that in order to commit such a crime, one must willfully take and retain the documents, fully aware that they are breaking the law. The fact that Biden conveniently forgets crucial details is not a legitimate excuse. Wisenberg suggests that the report is being manipulative and trying to garner sympathy for the president.

Biden’s attorneys, aware of the damaging information in Hur’s report, have conveniently avoided discussing the details. Wisenberg points out that they only briefly mentioned it, knowing that delving into the report would draw attention to Biden’s declining mental state. It seems that the president’s team is well aware of the damaging implications and is doing their best to sweep it under the rug.

The issue of Biden’s age and mental fitness has been a growing concern in recent months. Numerous instances of him making false claims and confusing past events have raised questions about his ability to lead the country. Wisenberg highlights Biden’s claims of speaking with deceased world leaders and his mistaken reference to a deceased congresswoman as evidence of his cognitive decline. Additionally, Biden’s multiple falls and stumbling incidents cannot be overlooked. It’s clear that his physical health is also a cause for concern.

It is deeply troubling that the special counsel’s report has chosen to let Biden off the hook based on his age and mental state. This sets a dangerous precedent where accountability takes a backseat to sympathy. The American people deserve a president who is mentally and physically capable of fulfilling the responsibilities of the office. It is essential that we continue to question Biden’s competence and hold him to the same standards as any other citizen.

Written by Staff Reports

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