Biden Regrets? Kamala’s Clumsy Acts Fuel White House Woes!

The latest news on ol’ Joe Biden and his Veep Kamala Harris is in, and let’s just say it’s not a pretty picture. It seems like Biden and his crew are about as fond of Kamala as a cat is of a bath. Basically, they think she’s about as helpful as a screen door on a submarine. From botching up border security to crashing and burning on the COVID vaccine campaign, it’s been one stumble after another for Kamala.

There’s been some talk that Kamala feels like she’s been handed all the tough, messy jobs without any of the glory. But let’s be real, she probably never had a shot at the big time in the first place. Her approval ratings are in the dumps, and even Biden’s not exactly doing cartwheels in the popularity department. It’s no wonder they’re both sweating bullets about their chances in the next election.

And get this, rumor has it that Biden actually preferred Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer as his right-hand woman. Can you imagine the lockdown queen herself stepping into the Veep role? It’s like a horror movie where you can’t decide which monster is scarier.

But now, as the Dems are scrambling to figure out how to salvage their sinking ship, they’ve got to deal with the fact that black voters are starting to turn their noses up at the whole Biden-Harris debacle. And don’t even get started on the state of the economy – it’s like watching paint dry, but worse. Who knows, maybe Trump will swoop in and save the day. Hey, it could happen!

Written by Staff Reports

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