Biden Revives Cringeworthy Dark Brandon Meme Amid Floundering Campaign

In the latest political theater production starring Joe Biden, the sequel to the infamous “Dark Brandon” meme is apparently in the works. Yes, you heard it right. Biden himself declared during a rally in Philadelphia that “Dark Brandon” will soon be making a comeback. For those who may have blissfully forgotten, the Dark Brandon meme initially surfaced online early in Biden’s presidency as an attempt by his team to paint him in a positive light. Spoiler alert: it didn’t quite hit the mark.

Despite lackluster responses to his performance, including calls from Congress members to bow out of the campaign following a subpar debate showing, Biden remains determined to soldier on. In a nod to his Philadelphia visit, where he displayed a rather concerning countenance at a Black church, Biden seems intent on reviving the “Dark Brandon” narrative, much to the bemusement of many observers.

The origins of the “Brandon” segment of the meme trace back to the now-famous “Let’s Go Brandon” chant, a cheeky expression of dissent against Biden that has gained traction among conservatives. As for the “dark” twist, that element seems to have drawn inspiration from various not-so-flattering sources, including a depiction of Biden as an evil figure presiding over unsettling imagery, courtesy of a Chinese illustrator post-election.

Some have drawn parallels between “Dark Brandon” and a related meme concept involving a reimagined Trump persona dubbed “Dark MAGA.” Regardless of its roots, the resuscitation of this cringeworthy meme only serves to underscore the apparent desperation within Biden’s camp to resuscitate his floundering campaign. One can’t help but wonder if this is merely a clumsy distraction from the stark contrast between the meme’s fierce persona and the lackluster reality of the current administration.

As the political circus continues, it remains to be seen how audiences will receive this attempted revival of a meme that should have perhaps stayed buried. In the grand spectacle of American politics, one thing is certain – the show must go on, even if the script seems increasingly far-fetched.

Written by Staff Reports

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