Jill Biden Plays Babysitter to Joe During Debate, Melania Trump Stands Independent

Looks like we’ve got another round of the Biden Babysitting Service starring Jill Biden. The first lady’s role as Joe Biden’s number one supporter during his lackluster debate performance has drawn comparisons to a crutch, with none other than former first lady Melania Trump leading the charge.

While Melania Trump spent her time in the White House carving out her own unique path, now she has the luxury of stepping away from the circus of DC politics. Her former chief of staff, Stephanie Grisham, made it clear: Melania doesn’t need to prop up Donald Trump like Jill does for Joe. It is as if Jill Biden is Joe’s personal cheerleader, a role that only underscores the president’s visible decline.

After the debate, Jill, with her saccharine assurances, tells Joe how brilliantly he handled everything. One can almost picture it—a nursery school attendant patting a toddler for knowing his ABCs. The Bidens have become a spectacle, more akin to an episode of a soap opera than a presidential family. Meanwhile, Jill remains steadfast in her delusion, acting as though Joe’s flagging cognitive abilities are a figment of the media’s imagination.

Let’s not gloss over Miranda Devine’s poignant observations in the New York Post. She accuses Jill of acting like she’s the candidate, pointing out her “gratingly patronizing tone” post-debate and her stubborn refusal to acknowledge reality. In doing so, Jill only fuels the perception that she’s the one making the decisions, allowing her husband to soldier on pathetically into a re-election bid.

Unlike Biden, Melania Trump has a different agenda that doesn’t involve being glued to her husband’s side for photo ops. Sources have indicated that if Donald Trump retakes the Oval Office, Melania will be doing her own thing in New York City, ensuring that their son Barron has all the maternal support he needs while starting college. This kind of independence is refreshing, particularly in contrast to Jill Biden’s incessant public coddling of a declining President.

While Jill continues acting like the ultimate presidential caretaker, Melania proves that a first lady can be supportive of her husband and independently dynamic. One can’t help but wonder how long Jill will keep up this charade before something’s got to give. It’s only a matter of time before even the most ardent Biden supporters admit their emperor has no clothes—or, in this case, no cognitive faculties left to run the country effectively.

Written by Staff Reports

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