Biden Skips Easter, Pushes Trans Day: Holy Hijack or Liberal Power Play?

On Easter Sunday, a day deeply cherished by Christians worldwide for celebrating the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the White House took a bizarre twist. Instead of honoring this holy occasion, the Biden administration strangely declared it as the “transgender day of visibility.” It’s like renaming Thanksgiving as “National Turkey Liberation Day” – ridiculous!

This move was clearly intended to please the liberal base and distract from Biden’s recent failures. But let’s not be fooled – this was about more than just politics. It’s about disrespect and pushing a leftist agenda at any cost.

The left’s obsession with promoting radical ideas knows no bounds. By elevating a made-up “day of visibility” to the same level as Easter, they’re not just being inclusive – they’re trampling on the values and beliefs of millions of Americans. It’s like crashing a birthday party and insisting everyone celebrates your pet goldfish instead.

This is a power play, plain and simple. The left wants to show that they control the narrative, even if it means hijacking a sacred holiday. This isn’t about tolerance; it’s about dominance. They’re not content with coexisting – they want to be front and center, with their radical agenda leading the way.

Biden may not have personally penned this proclamation (let’s be real, he’s probably napping), but his support for such antics speaks volumes. It’s a troubling sign of what’s to come if the left continues down this path. Hold onto your hats, folks – the ride is about to get even bumpier.

So, next time you see a bunny on Easter Sunday, remember that it’s not just a cute creature hopping around – it’s a symbol of the left’s relentless quest for dominance and disregard for tradition. Stand firm, conservatives, and don’t let them rewrite our values with their progressive fairy tales.

Written by Staff Reports

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