Biden Skips Super Bowl Interview, Whines About Snack Sizes!

Oh boy, Joe Biden just can’t catch a break, can he? In fact, things have been going so downhill for him lately that a whopping 90 percent of Americans now believe he’s too old to serve another term. Ouch! But can you blame them? The man has been shrinking right before our very eyes, both physically and mentally. It’s like watching a deflated balloon trying to lead the country.

Just when we thought Biden couldn’t sink any lower, he decided to skip out on the traditional Super Bowl interview. I mean, who does that? Even though these interviews are usually nothing but softball questions, Biden and his handlers thought it would be better for him to hide in the root cellar instead. It seems the basement strategy wasn’t cutting it anymore.

But never fear, Biden did manage to put out a video to address the nation. What was it about, you ask? Oh, just the pressing issue of shrinkflation. Yes, while everything is falling apart around us, Biden wants to talk about shrinking package sizes and rising prices. I’m sure that’s what keeps Americans up at night. It’s no wonder people are skeptical about his ability to lead when he’s focusing on the small stuff, quite literally.

Sorry, Joe, but blaming greedy corporations for shrinkflation isn’t going to win you any points. The American people are facing real challenges, like a skyrocketing national debt, inflation, and an energy crisis. But hey, at least he can find the time to complain about the size of his Super Bowl snacks. Priorities, right?

It’s clear that Biden is just not up to the task of being president. His physical and mental decline is evident to everyone, except maybe his most die-hard supporters. It’s time for us to acknowledge that we need a leader who can actually lead, someone who doesn’t need to hide in a root cellar or complain about snack sizes. America deserves better than the incredible shrinking president.

Written by Staff Reports

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