Hillary Clinton Nods: Biden’s ‘Legitimate Issue’ May Be His Downfall!

Hillary Clinton’s advice to President Joe Biden on running for re-election is not aging well, and her hypocrisy is as strong as ever. In an interview with MSNBC’s Alex Wagner, Clinton acknowledged that Biden’s age is a “legitimate issue,” but advised him to “lean into” it. However, just a day later, a special counsel report was released, essentially declaring Biden mentally unfit for trial. It’s clear that Biden’s mental condition is far inferior to that of Donald Trump, who has withstood constant attacks for the past eight years.

Clinton’s advice also missed the mark when she suggested that Biden highlight his experience, even outside of the political arena. This is laughable considering the revelations from Hunter Biden’s laptop, which shed light on the questionable “character” of the Biden family.

What makes Clinton’s advice even more ironic is her own track record. Throughout her career, she has been anything but honest with the American public. From her involvement in the Rose Law Firm records to her chronic abuse of her husband’s accusers, Clinton has consistently displayed a lack of integrity. Her tenure as secretary of state was no better, as she callously dismissed the deaths of Americans in Benghazi with her infamous “What difference does it make?” remark.

Overall, Clinton’s advice to Biden has not aged well, but her hypocrisy remains timeless. It’s clear that she is an elitist with contempt for the American people, and her guidance should be taken with a grain of salt.

Written by Staff Reports

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