Biden SNUBBED by Key Democrat During Trip to Arizona

This week, the office of Joe Biden criticized a Democratic senator for failing to support the president's agenda. The senator will play a critical role in determining the fate of the president's legislative agenda.

When Biden visited the state of Arizona on Tuesday, he invited Sen. Kyrsten Sinema, but she declined to travel with him on Air Force One. Two other Democrats, including Mark Kelly, accepted the invitation.

Despite his visit to Phoenix, Biden did not go to the border. Instead, he focused his attention on a computer chip plant that's expected to start production in 2024.

The White House dismissed the notion that Sinema snubbed the invite. Pierre was asked about it during a press briefing.

When visiting a state, the president always invites the members of Congress to travel with him on Air Force One. Pierre would not provide details about the schedule of Sinema, who is from Arizona.

Although Sinema did not comment on Biden's visit to her state, she noted in a press release that she and other members of Congress urged the Department of Commerce and Treasury to consider the entire supply chain when it comes to awarding tax credits.

Sinema is known for being a moderate Democrat who has worked with Republicans on various issues. She also refused to join with other Democrats in signing on to Biden's spending initiatives and ditching the filibuster. She has been joined by Joe Manchin of West Virginia.

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