Biden Takes Off The Mask He Was Wearing Before Getting On Air Force One

A recent video clip shows President ascending the stairs to Air Force One while putting a mask, and then take it off just before boarding the aircraft.

The video serves as another illustration of the bizarre spectacle that somehow still supports mask use.

As we've already mentioned, USA's President after removing his face mask Biden coughed into his hand at a bill signing.

The question of whether states will try to re-impose mask regulations this fall is still up in the air, despite the fact that many people in Democratic strongholds have accepted the face mask as a sort of ideological uniform.

Anthony Fauci revealed that the Biden administration's efforts to impose mask requirements on aeroplanes and trains are about maintaining "control" over public health choices, not about keeping people safe, as we previously documented.

Similar to lockdowns, the science of mask use has entirely crumbled, yet many people appear content to accept this fact since they have a peculiar loyalty to the mask and use it like a holy sacrament.

Dr. Leana Wen, a CNN medical commentator, admitted this week that forcing her child to wear a mask hindered his cognitive development. For two years, Wen was one of the fiercest supporters of masks and masks in schools.

Written by Staff Reports

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