Biden Urges Student-Loan Borrowers To Repay

Some inequities of Joe Biden's large expenditure proposal to transfer student debt repayment obligations to taxpayers are emerging.

What about students who recently repaid their loans?

Just the News reports that the Biden administration is telling these people to beg their lenders to return their payments so their loan amount will increase and be passed to taxpayers.

Scheme doesn't solve all program disparities. What about individuals who paid off their loans before the COVID-19 pandemic? Or earlier? The Biden administration rejects them all.

The paper explains a technique that allows student loan borrowers to swiftly secure a second loan and have taxpayers pay it off " has a section on refunds during pause. According to the website, any payment (including auto-debit payments) made during the payment suspension will be refunded (beginning March 13, 2020). Request a refund from your loan servicer. Biden's student loan forgiveness plan, released last week, is detailed on the same webpage."

Site says, "If you received a Pell Grant, you may be able to get up to $20,000 of your federal student loans canceled based on your income. Other borrowers may be eligible for $10,000 in loan cancellation based on income."

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., who has called for the total transfer of student loan debt to taxpayers, "is also encouraging her constituents who continued to make student loan payments throughout the pandemic to contact their loan servicer for refunds so those payments can be covered by Biden's forgiveness plan," 

Biden's policy will cost each American taxpayer $2,000, say estimates.

She recently pushed voters to "seek a refund for federal loan payments since March 2020"

She said the loans were "cancelled," but those who didn't borrow the money must reimburse.

News said: "Monday, Caitlyn Bidwell tweeted, "Today I went through my paperwork, called Great Lakes, and they approved my $10,000 refund!" If you paid back federal student loans since March 13th, 2020, it’s SO worth the call.'"

Twitter user Charlotte West claims she received a refund for pandemic payments even though her loan was paid off.

The report said Ocasio-Cortez addressed program disparities.

Government initiatives needn't help everyone, she added.

The preceding is a summary of an article that originally appeared on WND.

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