Biden to Face Trump in Debate Sans Aides Could Spell Disaster

Get ready for the most anticipated comedy show of the year. President Biden will attempt to string a few coherent sentences together on Thursday when he debates former President Donald Trump in Atlanta. Now, this isn’t just any debate—this is the ultimate test of whether Sleepy Joe can keep it together without his army of aides and trusty teleprompter.

Biden’s public flubs are legendary at this point. Whether it’s wandering off, freezing up, or transforming sentences into absolute gibberish, the 81-year-old Commander-in-Chief has repeatedly shown that he often struggles to stay present. His handlers will bite their nails as Biden steps onto that stage alone for 90 uninterrupted minutes of questioning.

CNN’s rules are strict: no written notes, no communication with aides, and only a pen, paper, and bottle of water are allowed on the podium. This might be a bigger challenge for Biden than handling the Afghanistan withdrawal. It’s almost as if the network is setting him up for a disaster, intentionally depriving him of the support he seems unable to do without.

Dr. Carole Lieberman, a forensic psychiatrist known for her candid takes, claims Biden is in an accelerated state of mental decline. She isn’t buying the idea that he can survive the debate without some serious pharmaceutical help. Indeed, critics and so-called health professionals alike suggest Biden might need performance-boosting drugs to make it through the night without a meltdown. It’s almost amusing to think that Sleepy Joe could stay awake long enough to give a compelling performance.

Former President Trump has called for a pre-debate drug test. Several Republicans, notably former White House physician Rep. Ronny Jackson, have echoed this demand. Jackson has hinted that Biden might be using drugs like Provigil, sometimes dubbed “Viagra for the brain,” which is known for increasing alertness. Others suggest Adderall might be in the mix, though it’s unlikely to turn Biden into a public-speaking dynamo.

Despite Biden’s team essentially moving the Oval Office to Camp David to prepare, the American public remains skeptical. Polls show a majority believe Sleepy Joe is too old for a second term, with even critical independents joining the chorus. The debate is Biden’s last, best shot to convince them otherwise—an uphill battle if ever there was one.

The debate will surely be a ratings hit, with viewers eager to see if Biden can keep from falling apart. Many believe the setup favors Biden, given the CNN moderators’ well-documented biases and their power to silence Trump’s iconic quips. But don’t be shocked if, should Biden defy expectations, Trump’s team cries foul, insisting his rival had some artificial help.

It’s all set up to be a spectacle of epic proportions. Grab your popcorn—this debate could be the best comedy of 2024.

Written by Staff Reports

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