Sheri Biggs Defeats Trump’s Pastor in South Carolina GOP Primary

Sheri Biggs has emerged victorious in a Republican showdown in South Carolina’s 3rd District, striking a significant blow against the establishment. Biggs, a nurse practitioner and Air National Guard officer, defeated her opponent, Mark Burns, who had the gall to call himself former President Trump’s pastor. In the most Republican district in South Carolina, Biggs now stands as the heavy favorite for the November election.

Governor Henry McMaster threw his support behind Biggs, a longtime friend and financial backer, while Trump was strangely absent in person from the campaign battlefield. This win for Biggs marks her first venture into political office, potentially making her the second Republican woman from South Carolina to enter Congress if she triumphs in November. The stage was set for the clash after Rep. Jeff Duncan decided not to seek reelection following a scandal-riddled divorce, paving an open path for fresh faces like Biggs.

The November race will pit Biggs against Democratic nominee Byron Best, a Sherwin-Williams paint store manager, and Michael Bedenbaugh of the Alliance Party. One can only speculate on how much painting and alliance-building will prep them for facing off against a relentless conservative force like Biggs. Burns, despite having been at Trump’s side for nearly a decade, fell short once again in his congressional bid.

In Lexington County, something unexpected happened: the last of the three so-called Republican “Sister Senators” was ousted. Attorney Carlisle Kennedy ended state Sen. Katrina Shealy’s Senate career, another win for the pro-life movement in the state. Shealy, along with allies Sandy Senn and Penry Gustafson, became infamous for helping defeat a near-total abortion ban, a move that reportedly earned them accolades from the likes of the John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage award. However, it appears voters had other ideas about courage and leadership.

The resounding messages from these primaries? South Carolina conservatives are ready to rally behind fresh, unwavering champions of conservative values. Voters have shown they won’t tolerate those who bow to the liberal mob, even within their own ranks. With Biggs as a staunch defender of core conservative principles and McMaster cheering her on, South Carolina’s 3rd District looks set to keep its deeply red streak alive.

Written by Staff Reports

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