Biden Unlocks Back Door for 360K Migrants. GOP Fights Executive Overreach.

President Joe Biden has once again exerted his executive power by signing a new controversial order that opens the back door for hundreds of thousands of migrants to enter the United States by the end of this year. As expected from the Democratic Party president, this move was initiated because of congressional inaction. The order expands a previous policy granted to refugees fleeing Ukraine, Haiti, and parts of Latin America. This Temporary Protection Status label was once sought for elimination by former President Donald Trump. Now the White House aims to accommodate 360,000 new entrants from Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, and Haiti by the end of 2023. Despite the guise of reducing the flood of illegal crossings at the southern border, the Pew Research Center predicts that it would actually lead to the largest expansion of legal immigration in decades.

Republicans have framed this move as an overreach that usurps Congress of its authority to legislate immigration. The fear is that opening the back door for hundreds of thousands of migrants will pave the way for a more chaotic immigration system. Opponents to the executive order and Republican-led states have already filed suit in federal court to suspend the program. In fact, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton stated, “this constitutes yet another episode in which the administration has abused its executive authority in furtherance of its apparent objective for immigration policy: open borders and amnesty for all.”

Migrants entering the United States on a humanitarian basis will now be required to find sponsorship from an employer and obtain a work permit. These new work requirements are being implemented to oversee and manage legal migration. It supersedes the previous policy, which allowed new entrants to start working immediately after entry into the country. As expected, critics on the left have decried the recent immigration policies initiated by the Biden administration as insufficient. They believe that the President’s stance on immigration is merely superficial and is nothing more than a cheap tactic to gain votes from the immigrants in the upcoming election.

It is crucial to remember that this is a purely partisan move. The new policy is just another example of President Biden’s blatant disregard for the rule of law and his eagerness to override Congress’s authority. The United States immigration system must have a firm and clear plan in place, with a proper legal framework, to manage the influx of migrants into the country. Allowing hundreds of thousands of immigrants into American society, without proper vetting, is a recipe for disaster. As conservatives, the welfare of American citizens should come first, and we must ensure that we do everything in our power to protect our nation’s borders.

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