Kamala Harris More Interested in Space Travel than Border Crisis

Despite serving as the chair of the National Space Council, Vice President Kamala Harris has not made any plans to leave Earth’s atmosphere. However, in a recent interview with the Jennifer Hudson Show, Harris revealed that she would be willing to venture into space, but “sadly there are those that would prefer she stay on Earth.” Amidst a number of crises facing the nation, Harris seems more focused on her space ambitions, and even invited a young journalist suffering from a brain defect and a detached shoulder bone to be her “plus one” on her hypothetical space trip.

While the vice president daydreams about her voyage outside of Earth’s atmosphere, she should focus more on the issues currently at hand such as the ongoing border crisis. While Harris has touted her supposed success in addressing the southern border crisis, Raul Ortiz, the Chief of Border Patrol, told the House Homeland Security Committee that the Department of Homeland Security currently lacks “operational control” of America’s southern border, highlighting the insurmountable challenges that require attention rather than Harris prioritizing her fantasies of space travel.

Furthermore, Ortiz also criticized President Joe Biden’s decision to halt construction of the border wall, noting that the decision has only amplified the issue rather than resolve it. Harris should learn how to prioritize and handle real problems like the border crisis before entertaining her selfish desire to go beyond Earth’s atmosphere. It is important for the Vice President to understand that there are critical issues that the administration should address before entertaining any whimsical ideas, and only then will America be truly prosperous.

Source: Conservative Institute

Written by Staff Reports

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