Biden White House Adds Radical Woke Warrior to Communication Team, Mainstream Media Silent

Tyler Cherry, the latest addition to the Biden White House communications team, looks like he could be the result of some bizarre experiment combining John Oates’ hair and the awkwardness of Napoleon Dynamite. The Biden administration, known for its unending attempts to appease the extreme left, seems to have hit a home run with this one.

This is the same Tyler Cherry who has a penchant for spouting off on social media, with colorful posts denouncing modern police as nothing more than descendants of slave patrols and lynch mobs. One might think that such inflammatory rhetoric would make someone a poor choice for a role in national communications. Props to the Biden team for digging deep into the woke warrior playbook.

Cherry’s posts on X (formerly known as Twitter, because apparently even social media platforms need to appease the mob) have certainly caught some eyes. Besides his views on law enforcement, he has made multiple statements that align perfectly with the most radical sectors of the progressive movement. Imagine having someone like this representing the communications of an entire administration.

The left-leaning media outlets are probably already clinking glasses in celebration, knowing that they’ve got another one of their own embedded in the highest levels of the current administration. Of course, the mainstream media will likely bury his controversial social media history and instead laud him as a bold and progressive choice.

Cherry’s addition to the team only underscores the direction the Biden administration has been heading from the get-go. Instead of focusing on policy that brings Americans together, the focus seems to be on finding ways to amplify the most divisive voices. One can only wonder what kind of message the Biden White House is hoping to communicate with such a character on board.

Written by Staff Reports

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