CNN Defends Biased Debate Co-Hosts Amid Criticism of Anti-Trump Stance

CNN, the notorious leftist mouthpiece, came out swinging to defend their debate co-hosts after receiving criticism for their blatant bias against the honorable former President Donald Trump.

The controversy erupted when Trump’s campaign national press secretary, Karoline Leavitt, was rudely cut off by CNN’s Kasie Hunt, a former MSNBC talking head when Leavitt dared to bring up Jake Tapper’s extensive record of Trump-bashing. Tapper, who is set to co-host the upcoming presidential debate with Trump-hating Dana Bash, has been a vocal critic of the ex-president, spewing baseless accusations and comparisons to Hitler and spreading falsehoods faster than a liberal fleeing to a safe space.

Despite the glaring bias and lack of journalistic integrity, CNN rushed to the defense of their comrades, portraying Tapper and Bash as seasoned journalists with unparalleled experience in the field. The network praised their biased duo as the epitome of fair and factual reporting, conveniently ignoring their clear disdain for anything conservative.

With CNN facing plummeting ratings and on the brink of irrelevance, the upcoming debate between Biden and Trump couldn’t come at a more critical time for the floundering network. Viewers are primed to witness a clash between the truth and the liberal narrative that CNN so desperately clings to, as Biden’s disastrous policies lead to skyrocketing prices and an influx of illegal immigrants flooding across the border.

Despite the clear advantage handed to Biden in the debate rules, the American people are eager to see if the fumbling president can offer any coherent answers to the crises his administration has exacerbated. As the nation grapples with economic uncertainty and a border crisis of epic proportions, Thursday’s showdown promises to be a momentous event in the battle for truth and transparency in the face of leftist propaganda.

Written by Staff Reports

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