Biden White House Models Hunter Scandal Defense After Clinton

Twitter is facing increasing concerns about the rising number of hate and anger on its platform. The company is reportedly letting it happen, and the president has called on more leaders to speak out against it. Jean-Pierre said that it is very dangerous for the future.

A reporter asked the White House if they believed that Twitter made the right decisions in restricting the reporting before the election.

Jean-Pierre had a bit of a disagreement with the reporter, who mischaracterized what she said. She said that what she actually said was taken out of context.

When Jean-Pierre was asked about the administration's view of the situation on Twitter, she said that they were monitoring it as well. She also noted that they were following what was happening on the platform just like the reporters were reporting it.

This is an old trick that former President Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton used to distract from the scandals that occurred during his time in office. The White House would then assign a special committee to investigate the issue, and it would drag out the investigation, releasing a fraction of the documents that investigators requested, and then, once they were forced to answer questions, they would say, "What, that old thing?"

In September 2012, Hillary Clinton did a great job portraying the attack on the US consulate in Libya. It was initially believed that the incident was a protest that was spontaneously organized. However, it quickly became clear that it was a terrorist attack.

She knew that wasn't true. In a phone conversation with the Egyptian Prime Minister, Clinton stated that the attack in Libya was a planned attack. She also noted that it had nothing to do with the anti-Muslim film that had been produced in the US.

During this period, the scandal was happening right before the presidential election, which led to the president and his aides trying to hide the truth from the public.

The president and his aides kept delaying the issue for six weeks, which led to furious statements from Senator John McCain. He called it a "massive cover-up or incompetence."

According to McCain, there were tapes of the attack that were found in the consulate. The president then went on various television programs, such as The View, and talked about the incident. He also referred to it as a spontaneous protest, which is untrue. “We know that this was a terrorist attack, and the president knew about it, when he knew about it. He went on The View, The Late Show, and before the UN, where he referred to it as a demonstration because of an anti-Muslim video.

After winning the presidential election, Obama referred to the attack on the US consulate in Libya as an act of terrorism. The Washington Post's fact checker called this claim "revisionist history".

Even though she wasn't able to testify before Congress about the incident, Clinton played the game well. On December 20, she was supposed to testify about the incident, but she was later diagnosed with a concussion and dehydrated.

After she announced that she would step down as the Secretary of State, she gave her testimony on January 23, 2013. In her testimony, she stated that the attack was carried out by terrorists. She also noted that it was possible that the attack was a result of a protest. The Biden White House has since learned their lesson.

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