Biden Withholds Bombs, Netanyahu Vows to Fight Alone Amid Gaza Tensions

President Joe Biden and Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu are facing a tough time working together as they disagree on the Gaza war. President Biden is holding back heavy bombs from being sent to Israel, and he warned that other weaponry could be suspended if Netanyahu moves forward with a big operation in the southern Gaza city of Rafah.

Netanyahu is brushing off Biden’s warnings and is promising to go forward, saying, “If we have to stand alone, we will stand alone.” The relationship between the two leaders has hit a rough patch as Biden has become more assertive in pushing back against Netanyahu’s plans.

The president is concerned about the situation in Gaza and has made it clear that he won’t supply the weapons that have been used in the past to deal with the conflict if Netanyahu goes ahead with the operation in Rafah. Biden believes in Israel’s right to defend itself and is unwilling to let the U.S.-Israel relationship break down during his presidency.

Biden and Netanyahu have known each other for a long time from when Biden was a senator and Netanyahu was a senior official in Israel’s embassy in Washington. They have had disagreements in the past, such as over Israel building settlements in the West Bank during the Obama administration, and Netanyahu’s opposition to Biden’s push to revive the Iran nuclear deal.

Netanyahu is facing pressure from the public and hard-liners in his coalition for a strong response to the Gaza war. He’s vowing to destroy Hamas and is focused on the goal of defeating the group. If he doesn’t achieve this, he’s worried about his legacy and political survival.

President Biden is also facing pressure from different groups in the U.S., including young Americans and Muslim Americans. Some have criticized his administration’s handling of the war and have threatened to withhold their votes in the next election. Meanwhile, Republicans, including former President Trump, have criticized Biden’s decision to hold back weapons as a betrayal of a key Middle Eastern ally.

Friction between U.S. and Israeli leaders is not new, as previous presidents have also faced challenges in their relationships with Israeli prime ministers. It remains to be seen how Biden and Netanyahu will navigate their differences and move forward in their working relationship.

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