Biden’s $230 Million Gaza Pier Fails Again, Taxpayers Foot the Bill

U.S. forces have once again been dragged into the Biden administration’s Middle Eastern fiasco by having to dismantle yet another ill-fated pier in Gaza for a third time. That’s right, Biden’s brainchild pier, purportedly designed to deliver humanitarian aid, has been yanked out of the Gaza coast and carted off to Ashdod, Israel, all because the project can’t handle a little rough weather. This potential damage from incoming weather isn’t surprising to anyone with an ounce of common sense.

The $230 million floating disaster has been a laughing stock since its creation back in May. To no one’s surprise, this “aid” conduit has faced nothing but issues and controversy. Once again, one has to question the wisdom of throwing taxpayer dollars down the drain to support a structure that can’t even withstand Mother Nature for more than a few weeks at a time. It’s almost like there’s a pattern of poor planning and execution here.

In a proud announcement, U.S. Central Command boasted that last week alone, over 10 million pounds of aid made it to Gaza via this temporary pier – just before it was dismantled for the umpteenth time. They claimed it was due to anticipated bad weather, sparking the move of the pier back to the safety of Ashdod, Israel. Hold the applause, folks; it’s hard to cheer for failure.

Let’s not forget that the pier was originally broken apart just weeks after it was activated, sticking taxpayers with repair bills in the tens of millions. And the hits just keep coming. Not to be outdone, the United Nations jumped in to pause its deliveries through the pier just days after it was operational again, citing safety concerns. Ignored advice and expedited building processes are now resulting in deserved public mockery.

Adding insult to injury, the Department of Defense and the U.S. Agency for International Development have announced an investigation into the pier’s efficacy. Well, it seems like the Pentagon finally wants to see if they should’ve invested in some floaties instead of a failing aid pier. With costly repairs and the inability to handle the Mediterranean’s “sea state four” level conditions, despite being only capable of enduring “sea state three,” a review seems past due.

And to top it all off, Biden informed the Pentagon of his plans to build this pier just days before it was announced in March. This last-minute decision-making is so characteristic of the current administration. In the meantime, taxpayers and common sense-driven Americans are left shaking their heads as the pier saga drags on, getting pulled from Gaza more times than one can count.

Written by Staff Reports

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