Biden’s Gravelly Debate Voice Sparks Concerns Over His Fitness for Reelection

President Joe Biden’s (D) gravelly voice didn’t escape conservative notice when he appeared at a debate in Atlanta, Georgia against former President Donald Trump. While answering a question about his track record and the economy, Biden coughed and tried to deflect criticism onto Trump, asserting that the former president left him with a struggling economy and a mishandled pandemic. The frailty in Biden’s voice raised eyebrows among viewers, leading to speculation about his physical fitness for office.

Breitbart News was quick to comment on Biden’s performance, highlighting his attempts to sway voters against Trump. The upcoming general election promises to be a tense showdown between the two presidents, with both campaigns bypassing traditional debate structures to negotiate terms directly. The lack of confidence in the Commission on Presidential Debates (CPD) has prompted a more unconventional approach to the debates, intensifying the already charged atmosphere between Trump and Biden. 


First Lady Jill Biden’s defense of her husband’s age further adds fuel to the fire, with her insistence that Joe Biden, at 81, is a “healthy, wise” individual. However, concerns about Biden’s physical and mental health loom large, particularly in light of an NBC News poll revealing that a significant majority of Americans doubt his ability to serve a second term as President. This attention to Biden’s health underscores the gravity of the upcoming election and the uncertainties surrounding his fitness for the role.

Written by Staff Reports

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