Biden’s $6B Iran Deal Funds Terror: US Taxpayers Sponsoring Bloodshed

In a surprising turn of events, Hamas initiated a brutal assault on Israel over the weekend, resulting in one of the deadliest days in the country's history since the Holocaust. This tragic incident has raised significant concerns about the Biden administration's decision to provide Iran with a substantial $6 billion as part of a prisoner exchange. It has come to light that Hamas received support from Iran, raising questions about the indirect funding of these terrorist acts with U.S. taxpayer dollars.

Leading the charge against this problematic agreement is Senator Marsha Blackburn from Tennessee. She has been tirelessly using her platform to highlight the atrocities committed and the urgent need to suspend these payments. On Monday, Blackburn took a bold step by circulating a letter among her fellow senators, urging them to join her in calling on President Biden to halt the funds. Secretary of State Antony Blinken has also been included in the correspondence to keep him informed.

Exclusively obtained by Townhall, the letter underscores the United States' steadfast support for Israel and expresses sorrow over the loss of innocent lives. By highlighting Iran's role in financing terrorism, the letter calls for an immediate cessation of the payments. It astutely points out that the funds, even if intended for humanitarian purposes, can easily be diverted to Iran or Hamas for their malicious activities. This issue poses a grave threat to national security and demands our attention.

The Biden administration, along with their Democratic allies and mainstream media, has dismissed concerns about the $6 billion as mere "disinformation." They have even attacked sitting members of Congress for daring to question the agreement. However, Secretary Blinken himself conceded on national television that Iran has consistently prioritized funding terrorism, regardless of sanctions. These facts cannot be disregarded.

Iran's leadership has made it clear that they intend to use the money as they see fit, further emphasizing the urgency of freezing the funds and imposing the strictest possible sanctions on Iran. Anything less sends a perilous message, allowing Iran and Hamas to continue their heinous acts funded by American taxpayers.

As of now, Blackburn's letter has garnered support from 20 senators, including notable figures such as Senators Thom Tillis, Steve Daines, and Lindsey Graham. They recognize the gravity of the situation and the need to stand firmly with Israel. The stakes are too high to engage in politics or ignore the consequences of funding terrorism.

In addition to the Senate's efforts, Republican Senate candidate Dave McCormick has called on Democratic Senator Bob Casey Jr. to join the cause and oppose funding terrorism. Following Blackburn's lead, McCormick sent a letter urging Casey to demand the freezing of the funds or introduce appropriate legislation if Biden fails to act. This issue must transcend party lines for the sake of our nation's security.

The responsibility now rests with President Biden to heed the voices of reason and terminate this perilous financial flow to Iran. The lives of innocent Israelis are in jeopardy, and our unwavering support for Israel must persist. The $6 billion must be frozen without delay, and Iran should face the most severe sanctions conceivable. Failure to do so will embolden our adversaries and imperil our national security.

Written by Staff Reports

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