Biden’s Iran Appeasement Fuels Hamas Attack on Israel

President Joe Biden is facing increasing criticism amid allegations that his actions played a role in the recent attack on Israel by Hamas. The multi-front assault on the country has raised questions about Biden's decision to release funds to Iran. Critics argue that providing money to Iran is akin to giving candy to hyperactive kids—it rarely ends well.

Conservative voices have been swift to highlight the perceived connection between Biden's decisions and the subsequent attack. Canadian journalist Daniel Boardman stressed the significance of foreign policy and understanding the consequences of funding terrorist proxies like Hamas. Biden's release of funds, which indirectly support Iran, the main sponsor of Hamas, is equated to giving a playground bully a larger lunch money budget.

Bryan E. Leib, executive director of CASEPAC, did not hold back in expressing his concerns. He directly tied the unfolding situation in Israel to Biden's leniency toward Iran. The consensus among critics is that Biden's policies contribute to Hamas's ability to operate and execute sophisticated, expensive attacks against Israel.

Even prominent conservative figure Ron DeSantis joined the chorus of criticism, drawing a direct line between Biden's policies and the attack. The sentiment is that Iran, thanks to Biden's approach, has been able to fund the conflict against Israel, akin to providing an adversary with ammunition and expressing surprise when they use it.

Breitbart's John Nolte offered a historical perspective, likening Biden's actions to President Franklin D. Roosevelt giving a financial boost to Hitler right before the invasion of Poland—an episode no one wants to see repeated.

Turning to the attack itself, Hamas launched an aggressive assault on Israel, firing thousands of rockets and infiltrating the heavily fortified border. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu declared that Israel was at war, and the response was necessary for self-defense. Reports also emerged on social media showing Hamas terrorists committing heinous acts against Israeli civilians, further adding to the gravity of the situation.

Frustration arises from attempts by some media outlets to shift blame onto Democrats, particularly Biden, and even former President Donald Trump. Critics argue that it was Trump who made significant progress in brokering Middle East peace, while Biden appears more focused on appeasing Iran than supporting a crucial ally in the region.

In summary, it is increasingly apparent that Biden's actions have emboldened Iran and have had a direct impact on the attack on Israel. Calls for a leader who understands the importance of standing up to adversaries and supporting allies have grown louder, with the hope that American interests will take precedence over appeasement. Biden is urged to take responsibility for the situation and prioritize American interests over pacifying adversaries.

Written by Staff Reports

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