Biden’s ABC Interview Disaster Highlights Campaign’s Grim Future

Seems like Joe Biden’s handlers finally let him out of the basement for his big moment with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, and it was, predictably, a dumpster fire. Biden’s attempt to alleviate concerns about his mental acuity fell flatter than a Diet Coke left open all night. This parade of prevarications included wild tales about his ability to draw crowds and a laughable excuse for his debate performance against Trump, claiming he was just “tired” and had a “cold.” One can’t forget his pitiful 2 am Waffle House run post-debate. Let’s be honest, this interview was less ‘Six Minutes Over Baghdad’ and more ‘Weekend at Bernie’s.’

Not even the most loyal left-wing cheerleader can deny that Biden’s campaign is circling the drain. Delusional as ever, Biden claims the race is a close one despite hemorrhaging support in critical swing states and an approval ratings hovering at an icy 32 percent. The discontent isn’t just among your average Democrats either; it’s spilling over into the ranks of Hill Democrats and mega-donors. Should another wave of dire polling hit, even Democratic governors—Biden’s supposed strongholds—may jump ship. Lower-level White House aides are reportedly miserable, comparing Biden’s operation to a slapstick black comedy. Senior aides have now weighed in, behind Jill Biden’s back, urging him to step aside.

When a senior White House official, who has been in Biden’s camp through thick and thin, starts whispering that Joe should reconsider re-election, it’s a red flag the size of Nebraska. According to insider chatter, this official thinks Biden no longer has the stamina to slug it out with Trump. They’ve seen Biden deteriorate, moving and speaking slower and quieter, clearly running out of steam. This kind of brutal assessment from his own team isn’t just a warning shot; it’s a cannon blast.

Meanwhile, Democrats are caught in an untenable position. Private interviews with over 50 Democrats reveal a growing fear that Biden’s continued presence on the ticket could jeopardize not only the White House but also other critical races down the ballot. Outspoken representatives like Scott Peters and Angie Craig have started publicly questioning Biden’s ability to win against Trump. Insiders within Biden’s circle—former high-ranking officials, aides to prominent governors, and other party strategists—are all singing from the same hymn book, describing the situation as “untenable.”

So here we have it: a president whose allies admit he can’t win but keep propping him up like a bad retail window display. Concerns about Biden’s age and cognitive decline aren’t vanishing; they’re mushrooming. Speculation got juicier when news surfaced about Biden’s personal doctor consulting with a Parkinson’s Disease expert multiple times since August 2023. And since Biden spends more weekends in Delaware than at the White House, who knows what’s really going on when the visitor logs are as absent as Kamala from real political work.

As Biden’s facade crumbles, the big-money donors, the pushers of his agenda, and senior aides are showing signs of jumping ship. Biden’s bubble of denial is about to burst. The big secret is no longer hidden: he’s not fit for the job, and deep down, even his loyalists know it’s game over. America deserves better than a president who stumbles through interviews like a lost tourist on Bourbon Street after Mardi Gras.

Written by Staff Reports

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