MSNBC Hosts and Guests Turn on Biden Acknowledge His Fading Campaign Prospects

MSNBC, the gift that keeps on giving to conservative Americans with its cast of characters who never fail to entertain with their lack of self-awareness. The latest episode of “The Weekend” on Saturday saw host and guests unleashing a barrage of attacks on Democrats and liberal media finally acknowledging Joe Biden’s fading chances. The once-confident Biden is now floundering, as evident from his disastrous debate performance and delusional interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.

Jennifer Horn, a Lincoln Project co-founder embroiled in a sex scandal, led the charge against Democrats urging Biden to step aside, claiming they are doing more harm than good. The reality of Biden’s cognitive decline is becoming impossible to ignore, with growing discussions among Democrats about his viability as a candidate. Horn’s insistence on sticking with a mentally deteriorating Biden over a replacement only highlights the disconnect from reality.

Former Republican National Committee chair Michael Steele also chimed in, criticizing Democrats for creating a wasteland around Biden and failing to see the electoral disaster looming ahead. Steele’s bewilderment at Democratic lawmakers considering alternatives to Biden showcases the lack of a coherent strategy within the party.

Symone Sanders-Townsend focused on Biden’s interview blunders, where he appeared out of touch and in denial about his dwindling prospects. The disconnect between Biden’s perception of his performance and the harsh reality facing his campaign is stark. MSNBC, true to form, continues to showcase the farcical nature of liberal media as they struggle to prop up a faltering candidate.

Written by Staff Reports

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