Biden’s Blame Game: Dodges Border Chaos Responsibility!

It’s no secret that President Joe Biden’s open border policies have resulted in an absolute nightmare at the southern border. But does the Biden Administration take responsibility for the chaos they’ve created? Absolutely not! They’ve been playing the blame game, pointing their fingers at everyone but themselves.

The Biden camp’s principal deputy campaign manager, Quentin Fulks, recently had the audacity to shuffle the blame onto Congress for the immigration crisis at the southern border. He argued that the administration proposed an immigration reform package, but Congress turned a blind eye to it. What a load of baloney! It’s like a kid who didn’t do his homework but blames the teacher for not giving him extra credit.


Fulks even had the nerve to blame former President Trump for the mess at the border, conveniently forgetting that Trump actually took action to secure the border, including the construction of a border wall and implementing policies to remove illegal aliens. But of course, Fulks conveniently ignored all of that and accused Trump of putting immigrants in cages and separating families. Talk about twisting the truth!

When confronted with the indisputable fact that there are more kids in custody under the Biden administration than there were under Trump, Fulks continued to deflect blame, pointing fingers at Republicans and accusing them of playing political games. Classic case of the pot calling the kettle black!

Since Biden took office, over 10 million illegal migrants have stormed the southern border, and nearly 300,000 tried to cross in December alone—a record high! Customs and Border Patrol encountered almost 2.5 million migrants in fiscal year 2023. It’s a mess, and the Biden Administration is trying to wash their hands of any responsibility.

It’s time for Biden and his team to stop the blame game and start taking real action to secure the border and protect American citizens. But with their track record so far, who knows if that’ll ever happen!

Written by Staff Reports

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