Biden’s Border Blunder: Dems Deflect to Trump as Crisis Climbs

It’s hard to believe, but the Democrats are at it again with their blame game, this time targeting none other than the former President Donald Trump for the current border crisis. The nerve of these guys! Apparently, they’ve gone so far as to put up billboards in an attempt to gaslight the American people into believing that Trump is responsible for “breaking the border.” Can you believe the audacity? It’s like they have completely lost their “non-existent” sense of urgency about the border crisis and are resorting to absurd tactics to cover up their own mess.

The truth of the matter is, the border has been a chaotic disaster since Biden took office, thanks to his disastrous policies that he refuses to reverse. And let’s not forget, Trump’s border encounters numbered around 400,000 in his final year, thanks to successful policies. On the other hand, Biden has racked up over 2.4 million border encounters in a year. So, who really “broke” the border here? Not Trump, that’s for sure.

And the American people aren’t buying the Democrats’ blame game either. Biden’s disapproval rating on immigration is at a whopping 67 percent, with the majority of the blame falling squarely on his shoulders. The latest Fox News poll shows that the American people trust Trump over Biden when it comes to handling border issues. It’s clear that immigration and the border crisis are major concerns for the American public, with 28% citing it as the most important problem facing the country today, according to a Gallup poll.

Before Trump’s recent speech in Michigan, the focus was on a tragic crime committed by an illegal immigrant with a criminal record who had been deported under Trump but managed to sneak back into the country during the Biden era. Trump was right to highlight this case, while Biden, as usual, turned a blind eye to the issue. It’s a clear example of the disastrous consequences of Biden’s lax immigration policies.

And as for the media’s spin on Trump’s remarks, it’s no surprise that they’re trying to downplay the severity of illegal immigrant crimes. But the truth is, the impact of the unprecedented crisis caused by the Biden administration remains to be seen. We still have yet to fully grasp the implications of the 10 million illegal border crossings during Biden’s presidency. The data on illegal immigrant crime may very well change as we come to terms with the full extent of this crisis.

But what’s truly alarming is the nearly two million “got-aways” who have entered the country unimpeded on Biden’s watch. We have no idea who these people are or where they are. It’s a frightening reality that the current administration has allowed so many individuals to enter the country unchecked, posing a potential threat to the safety and security of American citizens.

And to top it off, the recent arrest of a Dominican man in Massachusetts, who fled to the U.S. as a “gotaway” and went on to commit various crimes, including fentanyl trafficking and strangulation, is a stark reminder of the consequences of lax immigration policies. Thanks to “progressive” sanctuary policies, Massachusetts authorities were barred from cooperating with ICE to apprehend and remove this dangerous individual, highlighting the detrimental impact of such policies on community safety.

It’s clear that the Democrats’ attempts to shift the blame onto Trump for the current border crisis are nothing more than a desperate and intellectually-insulting gaslighting tactic. The American people are not buying into this narrative, and it’s time for the current administration to take accountability for its failures and work towards real solutions for the border crisis.

Written by Staff Reports

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