Biden’s Debate Blunders and Low Approval Ratings Fuel Cognitive Concerns Among Americans

President Joe Biden’s abysmal showing in the debate against former President Donald Trump has sparked concerns about his cognitive abilities among many Americans.

In an effort to assuage these doubts, Biden turned to ABC News host and former Clinton lackey, George Stephanopoulos for an interview. However, instead of quelling the suspicions, the interview seemed to only add more fuel to the fire.

During the conversation, Stephanopoulos pointed out that no president with a 36% approval rating had ever been reelected. Biden, in his typical stumbling manner, disputed the accuracy of his approval numbers while facing persistent questions about the possibility of him losing the election.

Using the nonsensical term “goodest” instead of “best” raised eyebrows and drew attention from critics who wasted no time in mocking the blunder on social media.

Even Democratic lawmakers like New York’s Claudia Tenney couldn’t ignore the bizarre choice of words, hinting that it might be a deliberate strategy to force Biden out of office.

The tension within the Democratic camp seems to be growing, with influential donors like Hollywood bigwig Ari Emanuel openly expressing frustration over Biden reneging on his promise to serve only one term. The President’s slip-ups are doing little to reassure even his staunchest supporters of his competence for the job.

Written by Staff Reports

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