Biden’s Debate Disaster Deepens Democratic Disarray as Party Splinters Over 2024 Strategy

Desperation and Democratic disarray are fully displayed as the party grapples with the fallout from Joe Biden’s trainwreck debate performance against Donald Trump on June 27. Despite the chaos, it seems Joe isn’t heading for the door just yet. While top donors clamor for Biden’s exit, two-thirds of the party base stubbornly cling to their floundering leader. However, with a whopping 72 percent of voters questioning his mental fitness, the whispers to oust Biden are only getting louder. Smell that? There’s blood in the water.

The situation is only getting awkward with Democratic governors acting like they’re backing the president, at least to his face. Biden’s emergency White House meeting on Wednesday was a circus. He tried convincing 20 governors he’s still got it—spoiler: he doesn’t. Biden admitted he needs more sleep and less work and said he shouldn’t do events after 8 p.m. The kicker? A secret doctor’s visit came to light, with Biden claiming his health is fine, but his brain could use some tuning. His campaign spun it as a joke, but who’s laughing?

As if things couldn’t get worse, Biden is now trailing Trump by seven points in Wisconsin. Desperation seeps from Democratic governors who essentially told their congressional buddies they’re on their own if they’re gunning for Biden’s ouster. Politico painted a bleak picture of why these governors are fortifying Biden’s crumbling presidency. The not-so-secret motive? The 2028 election. Ironically, the best political play is being orchestrated by those who are supposedly on his side.

Congressional Democrats find themselves between a rock and a senile place. They’re running away from Biden as fast as their internal surveys can carry them, convinced he’s an anchor dragging their majority dreams down. They know they can’t escape his drag if he’s losing seats dramatically. The terror is real, as top operatives murmur about the governors’ questionable loyalty to Biden.

The drama intensifies as whispers about personal ambitions filter through Capitol Hill. Many of these governors are eyeing 2028, and there’s no path for them if Kamala Harris, potential President Harris by then, runs unchallenged. The plan? Sink Kamala in both ’24 and ’28, setting the stage for their own bids. Even those who are less cynical can’t ignore the reality: they doubt that Biden can stop Trump.

For now, the governors have reluctantly thrown Biden a life preserver. They just didn’t have the guts to tell the president to his face—or the TV cameras—what they actually think. The facade may temporarily lift Biden’s spirits but is a thin veneer over deep mistrust.

Biden’s so-called comeback tour with George Stephanopoulos is a joke already. Reports suggest it might not even last 15 minutes and won’t air live. Remember those media “training wheels” that reportedly stunted press coverage of his cognitive decline? They’re turning into steel barriers. Everyone sees through the charade. If Joe is supposedly fit, why the beefed-up protections? It only reinforces what everyone already knows: the Democrats have built their house on shaky ground.

Written by Staff Reports

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