Democrats in Disarray Over Biden Presidency Insiders Reveal Plan to Push Him Out

Looks like the Democrats are up in arms over their very own Commander-in-Chief, President Joe Biden. Former Obama administration official, Van Jones, spilled the beans on the left’s sheer panic mode in a recent interview with CNN’s Jim Sciutto. According to Jones, discussions have gone beyond the question of whether to replace Biden to figuring out the nitty-gritty of how to do it without bruising the old man’s ego. Ah, Democrats, always handling things with the tenderness of a toddler with a golden egg.

Van Jones didn’t hold back, painting a picture of a Democratic Party swirling in chaos. On the surface, they make speeches about Biden being their savior, but behind closed doors, they’re drafting legal memos and brainstorming grand escape plans. The discussions range from how to respectfully shove Biden out the door to the million-dollar question of who on earth Kamala Harris could leech off as the new vice president. It’s almost like watching a poorly-scripted sitcom.

Jones emphasizes that Biden has “given his all” to the country, to the last drop apparently, reminding everyone that it might be time for a “mature” decision to retire him. Seems like the Democrats are realizing that dragging a worn-out horse to the finish line might not be their best bet. However, the real juicy bit isn’t in the flowery praise but in the desperate tone of figuring out their next move. 


On top of the whispered coup, calls for Biden to step aside have gone public. Rep. Lloyd Doggett from Texas has become the first Democrat to openly suggest that Biden box up the Oval Office tchotchkes and call it a day. He even had the gall to suggest that Biden’s continued run jeopardizes everything the left has worked for, hinting they might end up delivering everyone back into the hands of Donald Trump. Imagine that—a Democrat admitting Trump as the ultimate fear factor.

Arizona Democrat Rep. Raúl Grijalva joined the chorus soon after, stating that while he’d stick with Biden if he had to, it’s time to explore other options. The New York Times caught Grijalva suggesting that part of Biden’s responsibility to his party might involve stepping out of the race altogether. All in all, it’s clear that the Democratic Party is scrambling like a bunch of cats in a room full of rocking chairs.

In a spectacle that feels like political theater gone wrong, the Democrats are showing their cards. The panic is real, and the desperation is seeping through the cracks, despite the brave faces they put on for the cameras. Watching the left publicly unravel is a little too rich and serves as a reminder that their self-proclaimed solidarity is anything but solid.

Written by Staff Reports

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