Biden’s Debate Disaster Sends Democrats into Panic Mode, Calls for Replacement Grow

Kate Bedingfield, former Biden White House communications director turned CNN contributor, must be feeling lower than a snake’s belly in a wagon rut after what went down last Thursday night. She was part of Biden’s gladiatorial preparation team for his 2020 showdown against Donald Trump. Bedingfield was crowing pre-debate that Biden was as ready as a prizefighter to take on Trump again. Then, less time than it takes to microwave popcorn, Biden’s performance nosedived. Looking like he rolled out of a crypt, he mumbled his way through one of the most dreadful debate performances in presidential history. The man looked his age—weathered, detached, and about as coherent as a drunken parrot.

Democrats are waking up in cold sweats, fearing this could be the iceberg that sinks their Titanic, and whispers of swapping Biden off the ticket are getting louder. Axios’ Alex Thompson has been on the case, painting a picture of a White House that’s burning down, with Biden’s top brass frothing at the mouth at staffers who let the president stumble into this public fiasco.

According to Thompson, there’s colossal frustration rolling in like a thunderstorm, especially among the Biden die-hards. These folks, who have stuck with Joe through thick and thin, are blindsided by the fact that if the inner circle had even a sliver of an inkling that Biden might bomb like this, they shouldn’t have let him set foot on that debate stage to face-plant in front of the entire planet. The anger and despondency are almost Shakespearean.

Of course, Bedingfield, putting on her cheerleader outfit, had to come out swinging, claiming there’s no way the president’s inner circle would have sent him out knowing he’d get steamrolled. She’s calling last week’s debacle a “fluke” and, hold onto your hats, insists it’s the first time Biden has shown any signs of mental backfiring. 


Give us a break, Ms. Bedingfield. Three-quarters of the nation already thinks Joe’s more suited to a retirement home than the Oval Office. Even Carl Bernstein has detailed at least 15 instances in the past 18 months where Biden’s age and mental sharpness were as dull as a butter knife.

This being the first time Biden looks and acts his age? Spare me. This is the root of the Democrats’ messaging disaster. There are probably others in their echo chamber who believe the same fairy tales—they’re just deluding themselves. Buckle up, because this ride isn’t getting smoother. Biden’s on a crash course for defeat, and the Democratic Party is too shell-shocked to grab the wheel.

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