Nikki Haley Exposes George Stephanopoulos’ Bias in Heated Encounter on Biden’s Mental Decline

Nikki Haley’s recent interaction with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos left the biased news anchor squirming after just four words. The showdown dates back to an interview where Stephanopoulos attempted to downplay concerns about Joe Biden’s mental decline. Haley’s prediction that Biden may not finish his term is now gaining traction, especially after his lackluster debate performance raised doubts about his ability to continue.

Stephanopoulos, once a Clinton aide with a history of attacking women who accused the former president, aggressively questioned Haley’s assessment. But Haley stood her ground, pointing to Biden’s visible decline over the years as evidence. The exchange highlighted Stephanopoulos’ bias and lack of professionalism, ultimately leading to Haley’s mic-drop moment of “Believe me now, George?” 


This isn’t the first time Stephanopoulos has faced criticism for his treatment of women on his show, with previous clashes like Megyn Kelly’s takedown and Nancy Mace’s confrontation. This incident questions Stephanopoulos’ capability to conduct fair interviews, especially in the context of Biden’s upcoming sit-down with him.

As Biden attempts to prove his mental acuity in the face of mounting concerns, Stephanopoulos’s role as a potential Biden cheerleader comes into question. Will he challenge the president or continue to shield him from scrutiny? The media’s obligation to hold leaders accountable is under the spotlight, with Stephanopoulos’s performance serving as a prime example of biased reporting in mainstream media circles.

Written by Staff Reports

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