Biden’s Delusion Parade: No Regret for Afghan Chaosity

President Joe Biden, despite a laundry list of failures and disasters during his time in office, has managed to convince himself that he’s actually doing a decent job of running the country. Between skyrocketing inflation, an ongoing border crisis, and a disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden’s presidency has been a non-stop parade of blunders.

The most glaring example of Biden’s incompetence was his disastrous mishandling of the Afghanistan withdrawal. In the wake of the chaotic evacuation, 13 brave American service members tragically lost their lives in a terrorist attack in Kabul. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, Biden appears to be living in a fantasy world where his administration did absolutely nothing wrong during this debacle.

According to a new book by Politico’s national security reporter Alexander Ward, titled  The Internationalists: The Fight to Restore Foreign Policy After Trump , Biden arrogantly reassured his team that there was no need for any accountability or changes within his administration. He unabashedly stood by his incompetents and insisted that they had somehow done their best in the face of a catastrophic situation.

Despite fierce criticism and mounting calls for his resignation from both lawmakers and Gold Star families, Biden seems to have no intention of taking responsibility for the mess he created. Thousands of American citizens and Afghan allies were left stranded in Afghanistan, and more than $7 billion worth of military equipment fell into the hands of the Taliban due to Biden’s bungled withdrawal.

In a stunning display of delusion, Biden and his lackeys remained steadfast in their denial of any wrongdoing. Even as they watched Biden make lofty promises that they knew were impossible to keep, they continued to stand by silently. The senior White House official revealed to Ward that no one in the administration believed they could fulfill Biden’s vow to evacuate every American citizen from Afghanistan. But rather than admit failure, they opted to simply let Biden continue making empty promises.

Unbelievably, after receiving widespread condemnation for his ineptitude, Biden shamelessly attempted to shift the blame onto his predecessor, Donald Trump. Despite being in office for over half a year, Biden shamelessly claimed that the botched withdrawal was due to the constraints left by the former administration.

To add insult to injury, in 2023, a White House National Security Council spokesman shamelessly announced that Biden was “proud” of the way he handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan. It’s clear that in Biden’s world, failure and incompetence are not only acceptable but something to be proud of.

Written by Staff Reports

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