Biden’s Desperate Ploy: Abortion as 2024 Rallying Cry for Dems!

Monday marks the 51st anniversary of the infamous Roe v. Wade decision, a dark day for Democrats who have become deeply mournful since the Supreme Court ruling in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health unraveled their beloved sacrament of abortion. Now, President Joe Biden is shamelessly using this occasion to signal that abortion access will be the Democrats’ rallying cry in the 2024 elections. In fact, his campaign manager, Julie Chavez Rodriguez, boldly declared that a vote for Biden is a vote to restore Roe, while a vote for Donald Trump is a vote to ban abortion nationwide. Talk about fear-mongering!

To further emphasize their twisted agenda, the Biden campaign released a cringe-worthy video entitled “Forced,” featuring a Texas OB-GYN who claims she had to leave the state to get an abortion due to Texas’ Heartbeat Law. It’s clear that Biden is prioritizing “reproductive freedom” over addressing the skyrocketing prices of goods and services or securing our border. But let’s not forget, folks, that these are the same Democrats who constantly lecture us about sticking to the science. Sounds like hypocrisy to me!

President Biden is going all-in on his messaging about reproductive freedom this week, with a flurry of executive actions, a new campaign ad, and even a campaign rally on the same day as the New Hampshire primary. He wants to frame the 2024 race as a choice between Democrats who are supposedly protecting abortion and contraception and Republicans who dare to question further restrictions. Biden warns us that Republican elected officials are endangering women’s health and lives. Well, Mr. President, perhaps you should focus on the real threats facing our country, like the crisis at the border or the rising inflation.

And who is being used as the prominent voice in this fight for abortion rights? None other than Vice President Kamala Harris, the queen of failures and empty promises. She will be taking center stage during these events, seizing the opportunity to slam former President Donald Trump for his role in overturning Roe v. Wade. But the truth is, Trump nominated three highly qualified conservative justices who will uphold the Constitution. The Democrats would rather have us believe that we should be proud of a ruling that denies the most basic right of all – the right to life.

But fear not, Republicans! We have plenty of articulate and credible voices on our side, such as Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, Alabama Senator Katie Britt, and Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn. It’s time for them to show their verbal jiu-jitsu skills and dismantle Kamala’s misleading word salads. We need to go on the offensive and put these women front and center to counter any of Harris’ abortion arguments. Let’s show the Democrats that we won’t be intimidated!

Of course, every Democrat in Congress and the Senate is jumping on the abortion bandwagon too. Nancy Pelosi, who thankfully isn’t heard from much these days, interrupted her Botox session to join the chorus. And let’s not forget about Rep. Eric Swalwell, the guy who had a relationship with a Chinese spy. He wants us to believe that he deeply cares about a woman’s right to her own body. Spare us the hypocrisy, Swalwell!

The Democrats are working overtime to cement their narrative of “fundamental freedom,” “reproductive care,” and “basic rights.” But it’s clear that they conveniently ignore the most basic right of all – the right to life. It’s time for the GOP to step up their game. Instead of disjointed and ad hoc occurrences, we need a focused campaign that challenges the Democrats’ twisted view. As Kristan Hawkins, president of Students for Life of America, rightly said, Republican candidates shouldn’t hide from the abortion issue. They need to engage and listen to voices like Kristan and young advocates like Chayse Leavitt, who understand the repercussions of Roe and where the fight for life continues.

We must take a stand and remind Americans that life is on the ballot. Let’s challenge the Democrats on their culture of death and champion a culture of life. It’s time to fight for the most vulnerable among us.

Written by Staff Reports

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