Biden’s “Extortion” Plan to Shield Criminal Illegals Revealed!

Conservative Republicans have characterized President Joe Biden's most recent scheme as a "extortion attempt" in a vehement and fervent rewrite of this news article. In light of the fact that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has substantially reduced interior immigration enforcement, the proposal would provide criminal illegal immigrants with enhanced protection against deportation.

National Immigration Center for Enforcement (NICE) president RJ Hauman criticized the Biden administration, claiming that they are threatening to reduce deportations of even the most dangerous illegal alien convicted criminals unless Congress approves billions of dollars in funding for non-governmental organizations that aid illegal immigration.

According to Hauman, this action is nothing more than a deceptive strategy intended to extend the self-inflicted invasion resulting from the internal enforcement being gutted. Hauman, despite Biden's initial intention to reduce detention space by 30 percent, is skeptical of the Biden administration's request for additional funding, noting that Congress had already allocated more money to DHS than the agency requested for additional detention space for illegal immigrants.

Furthermore, the Senate package formulated by a bipartisan group of Senators, including Republican James Lankford and Democrat Chris Murphy, and backed by Vice President Joe Biden, is slated to expedite the process of obtaining work permits for those released illegal aliens and maintain DHS's parole pipeline. According to experts, this would merely increase the incentive for additional unauthorized immigration at the southern frontier.

Critics have demanded an audit of DHS to illuminate how Biden is spending the billions of dollars in taxpayer funds that have been allocated to the agency, especially in light of the drastic reductions in deportations and interior immigration enforcement.

A sixty percent decline in criminal illegal alien deportations has been observed during Vice President Joe Biden's inaugural three years in office, as compared to the administration of former President Donald Trump, according to an analysis of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) data. Arrests of criminal illegal aliens at large will decline by nearly 70 percent between 2021 and 2023, as the Biden administration maintains this trend.

Critics have condemned as fraudulent the administration's assertion that its immigration policies specifically target criminal aliens in light of these alarming statistics. It is believed that the substantial reduction in immigration enforcement implemented by the Biden administration has adverse consequences for both public safety and national security. Critics assert that tens of thousands of criminal aliens are being left unaccompanied in American communities in the midst of an unprecedented influx of unauthorized immigration, thereby compounding the problem.

Further criticism is leveled by Hauman. He argues that the request for DHS funding could be used to transport and process unlawful aliens, thereby worsening the current situation. Furthermore, he lodges allegations against Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and the White House, alleging that they employed extortion strategies by menacing the American people and Congress with the release of thousands of criminal aliens into their communities if the funding request is not granted.

Fear-mongering and outrage-inducing high-profile cases involving unauthorized immigrants are also highlighted in the article. The purpose of deliberately selecting these cases—which comprise robberies, assaults on police officers, hit-and-run incidents, homicides, and criminal illegal aliens—is to underscore the grave threats that they present.


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