Biden’s Fentanyl Plan FAILS American Lives, Ignores Border Security

The Biden administration announced their new plan for combating the fentanyl crisis, and surprise, surprise, it involves partnering with other countries instead of closing our southern border. The White House claims they will increase law enforcement information sharing, leverage private sectors, and urge Congress to act. But will any of it actually work?

Roughly 70,000 Americans died from synthetic opioid overdoses in 2021 alone, but the Biden-Harris Administration only now decided to take action. Illicit fentanyl is largely produced in clandestine labs in Mexico by cartels that use chemicals imported from China. It is no secret that China and Mexico have been exploiting America’s opioid crisis to their advantage – but will Mexico’s President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador actually cooperate with the U.S government?

With cartels like Sinaloa and Jalisco running the Mexican drug trade, it’s clear who is responsible for these illegal substances entering the United States. Despite this knowledge, Mexico has been slow to crack down on these cartels. Former DEA Special Operations Division chief Derek Maltz said of Mexico’s denial that it is “a deception campaign, which is nothing new. They’re putting out false information to try to garner support.”

The Biden administration’s plan is long overdue, and one wonders what took them so long to act. Perhaps it’s because they were too busy pointing fingers and shifting blame, instead of addressing the root cause of the problem. It’s time to acknowledge that America has a border crisis and illicit fentanyl is one of its devastating side effects.

Written by Staff Reports

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