Texans Take Action to Stop Mexican Cartels: Huge Rally Planned to Secure Border!

Texans with conservative beliefs are taking action to address the crisis at the state's southern border with Mexico. In an attempt to safeguard the Texas border from the Mexican cartels, Mark Meckler, the President of the Convention of States, has arranged a significant gathering in Austin, Texas, named the "How Many More" march. The objective of the rally, which is scheduled for April 29th, is to gather 20,000 participants to urge the Texas Legislature to enhance the state's capacity to implement immigration laws effectively. The event's official website discloses that the march will call for the Mexican cartels to be classified as terrorist organizations, their assets and bank accounts to be confiscated, and the establishment of a state "border defense unit."

With over 1,300 miles of contiguous border with Mexico, Texas holds the distinction of having the longest such border of any state in the United States. This makes it the state's responsibility to safeguard not just Texas but the entire country. Governor Greg Abbott characterized the situation at the state's border as an "invasion" last year, but Meckler pointed out that the Texas Legislature must enact an upcoming bill to authorize the state to take comprehensive measures and enforce immigration laws, which involve repatriating illegal migrants to Mexico, based on the power conferred by the U.S. Constitution.

According to a recent survey conducted by Convention of States Action and Trafalgar Group, around 62% of voters are in favor of Texas establishing its own border enforcement agency. The increase in the number of immigrants crossing the southern border aligns with a surge in fentanyl seizures, with Border Patrol officials seizing over 2,000 pounds of the substance in the most recent fiscal year. It is noteworthy that as little as 2 milligrams of fentanyl can be fatal, as per the Drug Enforcement Administration.

The primary emphasis of the forthcoming march will not be on partisan criticisms, but instead, attendees will unite behind the humanitarian impact of the predicament at the southern border. The objective is to assume accountability and urge the Texas Legislature to employ their authority to resolve this problem, rather than pointing fingers at the Biden administration or anyone else. Several former law enforcement officials and Texas Republican Representative Chip Roy, among other notable figures, will speak at the upcoming rally.

In conclusion, Texans are tired of the illegal migrants and drugs pouring over their border with Mexico, and the “How Many More” march is proof of this. Texans are aware that they have a unique obligation to protect their state and the country, and they demand that the Texas Legislature step up and fulfill their responsibilities to fix the problem.

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