Biden’s Flip-Flop on Roe Exposed by Trump in Heated Debate

Some things never change, like Joe Biden’s inconsistency. During Thursday’s presidential debate, President Joe Biden doubled down on his support for abortion protections set by Roe v. Wade. He made clear promises to restore Roe if reelected, which essentially means allowing abortions at any stage of pregnancy.

Meanwhile, Former President Donald Trump took the common-sense route, pointing out that Roe was disputed by people on both sides of the aisle and that the issue should be decided by the states. Biden, playing the role of the moral orator, disagreed and embarked on a bizarre tangent about needing abortion because “there’s a lot of women being raped by their brothers and sisters.”

Biden once held a very different stance on Roe. In August 1986, during Antonin Scalia’s confirmation hearings for the Supreme Court, Biden expressed that there was “overwhelming, universal criticism” from both pro-choice and pro-life advocates regarding the reasoning behind the Roe decision. Flash forward to today, and we’re looking at a man who openly supports up-to-the-minute-before-birth abortions. 


The New York Times highlighted Biden’s ever-changing views on abortion, noting that in 1981, he supported legislation allowing states to overturn Roe. By the following year, he flip-flopped. Throughout his career, Biden has shifted from declaring that a woman shouldn’t have the “sole right to say what should happen to her body” to arguing that the government has no right to control women’s bodies.

Currently, the Biden administration pushes for extreme late-term abortions, using tragic instances as emotional leverage to push their agenda. When asked if he would support any restrictions on abortion during the debate, Biden danced around the issue by proclaiming his support for Roe. Yet, when Trump explained that Roe allows for late-term abortions, Biden countered with, “We are not for late term abortion. Period. Period. Period.” Perhaps old Joe forgot his own words here: Roe does indeed permit late-term abortions depending on state laws.

Trump pointed out the radical stance of former Virginia Governor Ralph Northam, who supported late-term abortions and even hinted at post-birth infanticide – yet another example of the Democratic Party’s extreme position on the issue.

Biden’s flip-flops and the Democrats’ extremism need to be called out. It’s high time Americans see the truth of these contradictory and radical positions that undermine the integrity of this nation. The debate stage may have been burning with Biden’s exaggerated claims, but Trump’s clarity cut through the smoke and mirrors – abortion should be a state issue, not a federal mandate.

Written by Staff Reports

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