Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski Defies Reality in Laughable Defense of Biden

In what could only be described as a delusional alternate reality, “Morning Joe” host Mika Brzezinski seems to be watching a different Joe Biden than the rest of us. Despite acknowledging Biden’s disastrous debate performance where he struggled to articulate and appeared lost at times, she is adamant about defending his White House bid.

Brzezinski’s absurd claims of Biden being a “lifetime underdog” who will miraculously rise from the ashes in November are laughable at best. Her praise of Biden’s supposed “vintage sparkle” and “winning smile” only highlights her detachment from reality. It’s more like a dull glimmer and a vacant grin from the befuddled old president.

While she criticizes Biden’s travel schedule as a lack of discipline, it’s clear that his incapacity to handle the demands of the presidency goes beyond jet lag. Leaving Biden in office signals weakness to the world, not resilience. 


Brzezinski’s attempt to paint Biden as a comeback kid by bringing up his past tragedies only serves to highlight his history of dishonesty and questionable behavior. From lying about the circumstances of his family tragedies to his own health issues, Biden’s track record is far from inspiring.

It’s apparent that Brzezinski’s partisan defense of Biden is not grounded in reality but rather in blind loyalty. Her refusal to acknowledge the glaring shortcomings of the current president only reinforces the disconnect between the liberal media and the truth.

Written by Staff Reports

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