Biden’s Health Under Scrutiny as Top Neurologist Consulted at White House

Looks like President Biden’s medical team is getting quite the workout with his health, and not the sort that entails hopping on a treadmill. According to the White House visitor logs, the president’s physician, Kevin O’Connor, had a pow-wow with a top neurologist specializing in Parkinson’s disease at the White House residence clinic. This revelation is just the latest in a series of concerns over Biden’s physical and mental well-being.

Turns out, on January 17, Dr. Kevin Cannard of Walter Reed Medical Center, a respected figure in the Parkinson’s disorder field, met O’Connor and two other key players for a closed-door conversation. GOP Representative Ronny Jackson didn’t mince words when suggesting they were indeed discussing Biden’s health. Jackson, who knows his way around the White House medical scene from his time serving both Presidents Obama and Trump, has been sounding the alarm on Biden’s mental health for years. He has accused O’Connor and the First Lady of orchestrating a cover-up to mislead the American public about Biden’s well-being.

The intrigue doesn’t stop there. Turns out a cardiologist from Walter Reed, John E. Atwood, was also at the meeting. Cannard, by the way, had recently published a scientific paper focusing on the early stages of Parkinson’s disease just months before he was called in for what seems like a highly topical discussion.

The White House, in predictably generic fashion, explained away the visit by claiming specialists frequently swing by to treat military personnel on the grounds. But one might be skeptical of this explanation given the increasing spotlight on Biden’s peculiar behaviors and cognitive slips.

Adding more fuel to the fire of mistrust, in an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos, Biden not only refrained from committing to an independent cognitive test but also admitted his lackluster debate performance should be brushed off as no big deal. Curiously, Biden also noted that he would be reducing his public events to avoid late-night appearances, suggesting he might turn into a pumpkin after 8 p.m.

His aides subsequently spilled to Axios that Biden is in functioning mode from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. and goes MIA outside those golden hours or while traveling. After his shaky debate debut, the pressure is mounting from within his own party and across the political divide for Biden to step aside and let someone else tackle Trump come November 2024.

So who’s really calling the shots in the Oval Office? It seems this administration continues to prioritize damage control and public relations spin over outright transparency. Guess it’s just another day in the life of Washington’s elite.

Written by Staff Reports

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