Wall Street Bets on Trump’s Return as Biden Policies Enrich His Family Not Average Americans

Looks like President Joe Biden’s policies are doing wonders… for his family’s bank accounts. Meanwhile, the average American is left scrambling to make ends meet. Less than four months shy of the 2024 election, folks on Wall Street are making it clear they’d love to see the return of President Donald Trump, who knows a thing or two about boosting the American economy.

According to a recent Politico report, investors are betting big on Trump’s promise to lower taxes and slash regulations, seeing it as the shot of adrenaline the economy desperately needs. State Street’s MediaStats Election Indicator is starting to show the market reacting positively to Trump’s growing favorability, indicating an uptick in inflation expectations. But hey, it’s not the bad kind of inflation — it’s the type that comes from a bustling, thriving economy.

The average American worker stands to gain significantly from Trump’s tough stance on illegal immigration and disastrous Biden trade policies. While Joe’s policies have diminished the country’s standard of living by inviting low-wage labor through open borders, Trump aims to pay American workers living wages again. Say goodbye to the days when “Made in America” was just a slogan; under Trump, it could become the gold standard once more.

Barclays advises getting ready for some inflation hedges, showing they’re bracing for a Trump resurgence. Let’s not forget that Trump’s lead over Biden is widening as the president continues to fumble in debates, leaving even his staunchest allies scrambling to salvage what’s left of their political careers. Investors see the writing on the wall and are keen to cash in on the policies that could return with Trump to the White House.

There seems to be a collective sigh of relief among market participants, who are already considering what Trump’s policies might bring. One thing’s for sure: stricter tariffs on imports and a renaissance of U.S.-made products are very much in the cards. As Michael Faulkender, the top economist at the America First Policy Institute, pointed out, the stock market was thriving under Trump. He’s dismissing naysayers claiming that benefiting American employees is a bad deal for investors.

With Trump’s leadership, Americans saw how beneficial economic policies can align with investor interests. It’s no wonder Wall Street is practically counting down the days until Biden becomes an asterisk in the history books and the economy can get back on track with Trump at the helm.

So, as the Biden administration continues to enrich its own coffers at the expense of hardworking Americans, it sure looks like Wall Street — and the regular Joe and Jane — are ready for a return to prosperity under Trump.

Written by Staff Reports

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