Biden’s Health Woes Raise Doubts Amid Democratic Supporters and Donors

President Joe Biden thus far has managed to avoid being pushed off the 2024 Democratic ticket. Despite a gaggle of liberals still clinging to Biden, boasting a reported 66 percent wanting Grandpa Joe to remain in the race, it’s clear that his run isn’t exactly free from drama. In the wake of his disastrous debate with former President Donald Trump last Thursday night, Biden’s been busy putting out fires, with top donors reportedly asking for refunds. Apparently, promises that Biden is the healthiest he’s ever been are falling flat when juxtaposed with growing concerns about his mental state.

The liberal media predictably kept their lips zipped about Biden’s mental health, using the tired excuse of being powerless to report anything substantial. In reality, they simply didn’t want to tarnish their beloved Democratic president’s image. In a recent meeting with Democratic governors, Biden’s off-the-cuff remark about a recent doctor’s visit—details that were conveniently swept under the rug—should have Democrats shaking in their boots. During this meeting, Biden’s comments about needing more sleep and cutting back on his hours revealed a stark acknowledgment of his fatigue at 81 years old. No amount of media spin can hide Biden’s creeping exhaustion from the public eye.

Biden’s confession of needing to curtail meetings after 8 p.m., refreshingly honest or alarmingly candid, depending on whom you ask, came shortly after The New York Times highlighted his increasingly frequent and pronounced mental lapses. While Biden assured his important supporters he was still capable of commanding his job and leading a robust campaign against Trump, his words did little to quell rising anxieties. It’s not exactly a confidence-inspiring message to hear the leader of the free world admitting he’s pushing too hard and ignoring his team’s advice about resting more.

Adding fuel to the fire, Gov. Josh Green of Hawaii, a physician, inquired about Biden’s health status. In a moment meant to reassure, Biden’s lighthearted remark about his brain left some in the room puzzled and others downright fearful. Dr. Green might have expected a more serious response instead of Biden’s apparent struggle to keep his health concerns under wraps.

The White House’s handling of the situation has been nothing short of chaotic. After initially blaming Biden’s debate performance on a cold, it came to light that Biden had indeed visited the White House physician. Yet, the ever-consistent Karine Jean-Pierre bungled the narrative, claiming Biden hadn’t had a checkup since February. It’s almost as if the communications team is playing a game of who can contradict themselves the fastest.

So, Biden stays in the race, at least for now. Whether this recent fiasco boosted anyone’s confidence that he can handle the job remains highly doubtful. Perhaps the new Biden campaign slogan should be: “More Sleep. Fewer Hours.” It would certainly be a fitting epitaph for a campaign that’s one foot in the bed already.

Written by Staff Reports

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