Biden Struggles to Rally Support Post-Debate as Democratic Unity Falters

Misery loves company, and President Joe Biden’s first 2024 presidential debate performance made sure none of the Democratic faithful went home happy. During interviews with two black radio hosts, Biden attempted to sugarcoat his dismal debate showing, claiming he regrets it but is ready to move on. Surely, that’s what his dwindling pool of donors, lawmakers, and voters wanted to hear—nothing like “move on” to spark confidence in a candidate lurching toward 82.

The Democrats are in disarray, openly questioning whether Biden can continue to top their ticket. Talk of replacements like Vice President Kamala Harris and California Governor Gavin Newsom has stirred the pot. The left’s younger politicians are circling like vultures, sensing an opportunity to boot Sleepy Joe from center stage. Just imagine if this kind of concern came from the right—CNN would be having a field day.

Biden’s interviews, recorded Wednesday and aired Thursday morning, were supposed to be damage control. Hosted by WMCS in Milwaukee and WURD in Philadelphia, the chats were akin to the Titanic crew assuring passengers that the iceberg was just a minor inconvenience. When pressed by WURD’s Andrea Lawful-Sanders on concerns regarding his age and mental faculties, Biden stuck to his script despite the evidence being piled higher than Hunter’s laptop revelations.

On WURD, Biden talked about how his 90-minute flop doesn’t erase his three and a half years of so-called achievements. He boasted about rescuing the economy (hello, inflation!) and claimed victory in getting bipartisan support for veterans’ healthcare—an action Republicans have long championed without his “help.” He also patted himself on the back for supposedly lowering prescription drug costs. Who needs facts when presidential fantasies are so much more comforting?

Over at WMCS, Biden doubled down on what everyone but the most fervent leftists can see: his debate was a disaster. He admitted to having a bad night but leveraged his stage time mishap again as a testament to his resilience. At this point, it’s more of a testament to Democratic wishful thinking that they can keep trotting out Biden as if he’s not a sitting duck.

Biden’s blazing campaign trail includes stops in Wisconsin and Pennsylvania in the coming days, where he’ll try to extinguish the fires raging in his own party. He spent the better part of the week running a firefight—putting out flames of doubt and hoping to salvage what was left of his crumbling support. But as any good conservative knows, you can’t stop a tidal wave of skepticism with a leaky bucket of excuses.

Written by Staff Reports

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