Biden’s Own Ally Drops Bombshell on Democratic Cover-Up Tactics!

In a recent interview on “The Breakfast Club” radio show, Democrat Rep. Dean Phillips criticized the Democratic National Committee (DNC) for marginalizing his presidential candidacy. Phillips, who is challenging President Joe Biden for the party’s nomination, expressed his frustration at being intentionally left off the ballot in certain states where primaries are taking place. He argued that this kind of manipulation of the primary process is just as dangerous as the Capitol riot that occurred on January 6, 2021. Phillips questioned how the Democrats can claim to be fighting for democracy and increasing voting accessibility while simultaneously removing candidates from the ballot and refusing to participate in debates.

Despite not polling as high as other Democratic primary candidates, Phillips is a sitting congressman in his third term and should be taken seriously. However, it seems that the party is actively working against him to limit his visibility and chances of success. Phillips pointed out that the Democratic Party is also refusing to accept the results of the Democratic primary in New Hampshire because the state did not follow the party’s preferred primary schedule. This disregard for the democratic process is troubling, as it suggests that the party is more interested in protecting its own interests than ensuring a fair and inclusive nomination process.

Phillips likened the actions of the party and its media enablers to the Capitol riot and criticized their attempts to prevent his candidacy from gaining traction. He noted that other potential candidates may be deterred from running due to the aggressive attacks and efforts to tarnish their image. Phillips acknowledged that his career in Congress is likely over as a result of his decision to challenge Biden, but he believes it’s important to speak up and fight for democratic principles such as debate, deliberation, and compromise. It’s clear that the Democratic Party is prioritizing Biden’s candidacy and attempting to silence any dissenting voices within its own ranks.

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